Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shoutout to Section 2

Thinking of a topic for my final blog, I decided to write something about our class. Im too lazy to edit so don't mind the odd mistake.

These past few months have been a blast. Coming to Red River I didn't think I'd meet so many great people, and I mean that. You all make coming to school a blast and I hope that I didn't bug too many of you with all my "no ways" and "haters." haha.

CHARMAINNNNE, what more can I say? You are always laughing and the head nod should be trademarked for you.

Laina Hughes , what's the news? You still never got me "Confessions of a Shopaholic," you need to get on that haha.

Syd, your classic facial expressions are too funny. And those death stares do scare me tho D:

Ryan Kessler, the hockey arguments were fun and I finally played Zombie Highway...I caved in.

Allison, YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Just kidding. I should just "shut my face" now.

Lauren, Thank you for taking all those horrible pictures of me at the Marker Social while I was drunk as hell - but honestly your funny and its been a fun term.

Megan, I must admit that I'm pretty sure you can beat me up. Don't hurt me haha.

Lindsay, you were the first person I met at orientation and it was one of the few times I've seen you awake!

KYLE JAHNNS, you are the best. We must complete the hotdog journey next term.

Mark, how the hell are so good at everything? We can only hope to achieve what you
already have.

Mitch, you're the funniest guy I know and you can draw like a pro. Led Zeppelin is still overrated tho haha

Big Shooter, what else can be said? You're hilarious and your biceps are 10x the size of mine. Respect.

Justin, my video game knowledge pails in comparison and I agree those Chuck Norris Youtube ads do suck. CMON MAN.

Kirah, you joined the party late but that is alright. My high five skills have improved since we pull the most random ones of in the atrium.

Monique, puts all of us to shame. I wish I could dress half as nice as you do haha.

Kelly, I forgive you for being a Philadelphia sports fan, but seriously Ron Burgandy, I loved your movie. Keep the stache.

Josie, Don't start this already Brandon...okay okay I won't. But seriously it has been a fun term, hope I didn't annoy you too much.

Maria, the class leader. Going to everyones readings, plays, birthdays, etc. You are such a nice person, don't change.

Sarah, my elementary school classmate and car pool buddy. Lets face it, I'm an awesome driver, you can admit it now :P

Jackie, I love your glasses and that's no lie. You are so organized and kind, I envy that. You are my favourite person to be in a group project with haha.

Katie, you are very quiet but funny. Please stop playing with your hair it is a bad habit!

Kristin,, everytime I see your InDesign projects and then look at mine, it makes me sad. You got mad skills.

Jamie, what's up JAMIE. I think we've sat together in class ONE time. What is up with that? Fail on my part.

Jaylin, we don't talk a lot besides the one time I lent you a pencil and that was the best pencil I ever had. And like Jamie I only sat beside you a few times. Whats up with that?

I have left this term with 24 more friends then I had before. You guys are all talented, fun and good people. Keep it up. I'll cya all in 2012.